How stupid is it there is a statue of limitations on sexual crimes in Michigan? It takes years for people to come to terms with their abuse and have the courage to come forward. Some states have no statute of limitations on sex crimes and I believe Michigan needs to become one of these states.

The Catholic Diocese of Marquette called the allegations credible but the Schoolcraft County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Noble said sexual assault charges cannot legally be filed against Father James Menapace due to the statute of limitations. Michigan law states that crimes of this nature must be charged within 10 years of the offense date or before the victim's 21st birthday, whichever is greater. Investigation has determined that both of these timeframes have passed.

Menapace has been removed from all public priestly ministry and prohibited from presenting himself as a priest.

If anyone has any additional information regarding Menapace, they are encouraged to contact the Schoolcraft County Prosecuting Attorney's Office at (906) 341-3691 or the Michigan State Police St. Ignace post and speak with Detective Chris Wayward.

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Charlie from Marquette wrote: A statute of limitations for being a pedophile, unbelievable. I am sure the victims have no statute of limitations for the horrific images burned into their minds, no way to wake up one day and the pain is gone. He destroyed lives, not just a few years within his victims existence but the entire time they are on this earth. Forgiveness is something reserved for human beings, this man is a monster and deserves neither forgiveness nor his freedom. He has earned his place in hell, his eternity is already determined.

Megan was equally frustrated: How awful :( Really sick that there is a statue of limitation law for this crime!! Especially for a trusted monster that spends hours and hours brainwashing these individuals and then taking complete advantage of their trust. I'm sure it took these boys many many years of being away from him and his brainwashing ways to realize that they are the victims. Only to be slapped in the face with "Sorry kids, you didn't summon the courage up in time for charges to be pressed." That law needs to be changed immediately.

I scrolled most of the article and found no one speaking up for this man.

Dave had the most upsetting comment: I don't believe for a minute that those in charge of the Marquette Catholic Diocese, namely, past Bishops, didn't know of the "activities" of this puke, years ago. And in the great Catholic tradition, did everything possible to cover it up. They will be the first to tell you about how much they care for the unborn, but do they care as much about the living victims of these baby abusers? I'm so sick of hearing,"that happened a long time ago, the church is addressing the problem". Meanwhile there's a good chance a child is being abused by clergy, as I write this. And we won't know about it until the statute of limitations has expired.

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