No secret that many folks are taking to the road this summer so we need to be prepared and be safe.  Traffic will of course be heavy in many parts of Michigan and there is a lot of construction from I have been seeing.

There Will Be Some Delays

Some people are still not ready to fly after the pandemic and driving to their vacation destinations.  I have been driving to Chicago a lot the last few months and there have been delays and much traffic. I also have been seeing many Michigan State Troopers out and about keeping us safe.

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According to Belle Tire is giving drivers safety tips before they take to the roads this summer.  It is crucial to check your tires by checking the tread, tires should be replaced if they are worn down to the 2/32” level. Tire pressure is important too, and if it's wrong can cause problems or a blowout.  Also, check that you have a good spare tire.

Check the brakes as well as the battery. The brake pads may need to be replaced if the brakes squeal when stopping or if the vehicle doesn’t come to an immediate stop when the brake pedal is floored. Belle Tire says hot summer temperatures can drain the battery, adding the battery usually lasts three to five years. Corroded or frayed clamps and cables are considered signs that the battery needs servicing.


Some More Things You Should Have

I keep my roadside assistance number in and on my phone.  A roadside emergency kit is always a good idea as well, plus jumper cables, first aid, food, extra batteries, and a flashlight.  Let's take our time and do the speed limit this summer, and remember to stay in the right lane if you are driving a bit under the speed limit.  Left lane if for passing. Drive safe.

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