The picture above is what Mrs. Pants got me for Christmas. I gave her a $10 limit and she blew me away. It may be the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me. It's a DNA ball. Some people call it a "Autism stress ball." I first saw one when my niece was in U of M getting treated for her brain cancer. For more info on that click here.

My wife was watching me play with this ball and said she could see the stress leaving my face as I played with it. I have PTSD from an accident in the year 2000. I have had some issues since the accident with my hands. Muscle spasms, cramps and I drop things a lot because of the shocking sensations. Some people think I am clumsy but have no idea the pain that makes me drop things. The ball made me forget about everything and my brain melted around it in my hands. The sensation is hard to explain other than it was very comforting. All I could think about was relaxing thoughts. It changed my day.

So for Christmas, this is the one gift Mrs. Pants got me. When you squeeze the ball just right, it triggers this light and the light changes color as it goes through the cycle. Again, I can't explain the science other than it has an almost intoxicating effect on me. It's like when you are holding the ball, you feel comfort in your own skin.

Courtesy of the Joey Pants stash

I am a very energetic person and for some reason, this ball helps me focus and concentrate better than any drug I have ever been given. If you know someone with ADD, PTSD, ADHD or Autism, this is a very thoughtful gift. I have handed it to other people who are highly energetic like me and saw what Mrs. Pants saw, the stress just melt away. I have already ordered more for me and one for my boss.

Mrs. Pants got mine from this website for under 8 bucks.

Few things in this world shut me up but the ball does. I got her perfume. Mrs. Pants wins Christmas... AGAIN!

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