Kids love playing baseball in Lansing. A brand new baseball field is being built in downtown Lansing for the kids to use and play on. Strikeout Baseball is being built in the city of Lansing and it's a Grand Slam.

It will be known as the John Smoltz Strikeout Baseball Stadium. John Smoltz is a native of the Lansing area. John's a Hall of Fame pitcher that nobody wanted to face when he was on the mound. John Smoltz played strikout baseball when he was a kid and learned how to pitch by playing baseball this way.

What is Strikeout Baseball?

Not only is this going to be fun for the kids, they will also be responsible for keeping an eye on it and taking care of it. Giving these kids something to play at that they take pride in is the bigger lesson. BRING IT and have some fun. Strikeout Baseball says:

Strikeout baseball is miniature stadium that will focus on all the exciting elements of the game in hitting, pitching and fielding and it will show kids in our inner cities that someone cares and wants to give them their very own field for dreams!

The idea of having a baseball stadium in downtown Lansing for kids to play at is important. When I was growing up, baseball kept me out of trouble. Instead of running around doing stupid stuff with my friends I had a place to go and practice my game, have fun with my friends and we learned how to work through differences. At some point you have to stop arguing if the ball was fair or foul, learning how to conceed and move on is a vital life skill.

via S.O.B. FB
via S.O.B. FB

The project is rounding third and heading for home. You can help score that final run by purchasing a brick and engraving it for someone you love. For the baseball fan that thought being at the ballpark was heaven.  Strikeout Baseball Bricks help fund the effort, get ready for Strikeout Baseball in downtown Lansing. Bring It!

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