If you recently got a couch dance at the Playhouse Club in Romulus... You may want to go get that COVID-19 test done. So far a dozen people have tested positive who frequented the establishment, both workers and customers. Must be they didn't clean the pole too good?

Even a mask may not have helped here. It's hard to eat and drink through a mask. I wonder if they now offer just a mask dance?

A worker at a nearby Checker's also tested positive. So, if you visited the Playhouse between June 17th and July 1st, you may want to self quarantine and get tested. If you visited the Checker's restaurant in Romulus between June 7th and July 4th, same thing. Gee, you think that worker went to the club? It really is no joke, officials say it's crucial for people who visited those places call and cooperate with the state disease team so they can properly asses the size of the outbreak.

They say 161 people got the virus from Harper's in East Lansing.

It happened in Wisconsin too at Cruisin' Chubbys Gentleman's Club. Great name, I always said I wanted my club name to be "Poppa Chubby's" but that one was close. No word on what stripper had it but my guess is her name was Sapphire or Storm.


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