National Geographic reports that this is the first time since December of 1982 that earth creatures will experience the cosmic trio of a supermoon/blue moon/total lunar eclipse.

A 'supermoon' means that the moon is relatively close to Earth, while a blue moon simply means that there are two full moons in one calendar month (humans created calendars, not nature) and the 'blood' moon is a dramatic way (which I appreciate) to describe the reddish color the moon appears during an eclipse.

Our celestial friend Mike Skywatcher shared a link here for the particulars of the lunar eclipse, which happens tomorrow morning - might not be able to see it around here, though, as the forecasters are predicting cloudy conditions.

If you can't see the skies around here, NASA will have a live stream of the eclipse tomorrow morning here. says quit calling it all these names. Harumph.