Every year, without fail, there is a Michigan deer hunter (or a few thousand) out there that is surprised by the fact that November 15 is the opening day of firearm season in Michigan.

So what do they do?  They pick up their guns, head out to the range in a panic to sight in. Or, they start setting their tree stands and hurry off to the local sporting goods shop to get a license. And while you're there, don't forget to pick up the latest and greatest slugs that will throw a three inch group at 200 yards on a paper plate.

You will also need all new hunter orange apparel because you loaned yours to someone or you just can't remember which tote in the garage it's in. I mean, how could you? 99 of the totes in the garage have Christmas decorations in them and no one has that kind of time.

Even though I mentioned it two paragraphs ago, there will still be someone who forgot to get there license and Gander Mountain doesn't exist anymore so you better get to the big box store where you pray that the person in the "sporting goods" department knows how to run the machine and give you the proper license for your area. With all of that said, relax, you have two weeks. What could go wrong?


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