The survey is called "Every State's Least Favorite State", and it confirms there is definitely bad blood along state lines.

As a lifelong Michigander, it is no surprise that Michigan hates Ohio, and in turn Ohio hates Michigan. The survey is far from scientific considering it was done by Instagram user Matt Shirley. I'm not saying Matt isnt credible, but the survey basically consists of people that follow him on IG.

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Some of the more notable hated states are California, with 9 states hating them. Texas came in second with four other states hating them.

I have to think that most of this stems from sports rivalries, but there are most likely a ton of other small reasons that play into it.  A few of the things that cracked me up are that Florida and Indiana hate themselves, and nobody seems to have any problem with Georgia at all.

Make sure to comb through the map and see if you notice any state hate that surprises you.


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