College football returns and it's time for tailgating in Michigan. What are you bringing to your tailgate? Impress your friends when you tailgate this season with some tasty food and beverages from Mid Michigan retailers.

It doesn't matter who you root for. It could be U of M, MSU, Central, Alma or Eastern Michigan. We who tailgate have one thing in common, we like to party and live it up before, during and after the game. When we can't go to the game at MSU we hang out at our tailgate spot and listen to the game on the radio and continue to cook it up.

There are some basic food essentials that are needed and neceesary to pull off a good tailgate. Depending on what time the game is, breakfast will be important along with grillable foods for the rest of gameday. Beverages are key components to a successful tailgate. Water, Gatorade and alcohol are good to have on hand. For those like me that don't drink alcohol, make up a mocktail. Snacks are something that are served all day long. Desserts and sugary treats will make everyone happy, especially the kids.

Breakfast, Grill Meats, Beer & Sweets

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Make some breakfast burritos and wrap them in foil to throw on the grill to warm up for breakfast. When it comes to meat, the gloves come off. Anything is good.

Bellingar Specialty Meats

You can find them at 5006 N US HWY 27, St Johns, MI 48879. This is one of my favorite local stores I like to support and their meat, snacks, breakfast sausage, smoked turkey, smoked nuts are on point. Realistically you could get all of your tailgate food here.

EagleMonk Pub & Brewery

They are located at 4906 W Mt Hope Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917. Grab some good beer and tasty pizza from EagleMonk and bring it to the tailgate. You might have to get it the night before but when it comes to taste you need to pull out all the stops.

Bake N Cakes

Find your sweets at 3003 Kalamazoo St, Lansing, MI 48912. If you're lucky you can score yourself a Dream Cake for your tailgate, keep it for yourself. Pastries, cakes and all things baked and delicious you will find here. Their slogan "Butter Makes It Better" is no lie. On a sidenote, Bake N Cakes was the first commercial I ever voiced in my radio career.

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