For as long as I can remember I have used the phrase, "a whole nother level. Even the spell check on this computer says nother is not a word. I got the red underline there. So, I will start to say another level or whole other level. They work and are actual words. I am sorry to those I offended by my idiocy. Something people like to say that make me stabby is "First Annual." I am not alone in this battle, I know. There is no such thing as a first annual. The first event should be known as the INAUGURAL, next year around the same time, you can have the second annual. Stabby is also not a word. Were you paying attention?

I love a good cough laugh. Someone starts laughing and ends up fighting for breath because they are laughing so hard. I laughed really hard at this video. It may not be safe for work or it may be the best thing about work today.

Check out this inflatable phallic race. I am disappointed this didn't happen in America.

If you are anything like me, when one racer tripped the other one you said: "What a dick!"
I have made Mrs. Pants laugh so hard she has had asthma attacks and anxiety attacks from lack of breath. She warns me now to shut up and stop it before it gets too bad. So, I am not taking pleasure in the pain of an innocent cougher, in this instance. He clearly is a smoker and by law, subject to my ridicule. I snuck that word in for this piece. (Grabs groin) Insert phallic joke right here. (Grabs groin again)
Thanks to my Facebook friend David Silsby for another great post idea. Share your cool stuff with me and I'll exploit you too!
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