If you were one of many people whining (or should I say swineing) last year because the annual Zingerman's Camp Bacon event was canceled - I have some deliciously greasy good news, the popular all bacon-themed event is scheduled to happen this year!

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If you are not familiar with the event, but I had your attention at bacon - you are not alone. This is also the first I have heard of this particular bacon bash. A complete list of events and featured guests has yet to be announced, but I can tell you that Zingerman's Camp Bacon is on the books for June of 2022.

So what does Camp Bacon consist of? Great question. I went right to the official Zingerman's Camp Bacon website for the answer,

Zingerman’s Camp Bacon is a 5-day food learning and eating experience. You can choose just one event or join them all.


The week includes the Main Event featuring an all-day line-up of captivating guest speakers and a menu of scrumptious bacon bites. It also includes the Bacon Ball dinner, Bacon Film Festival, Bacon Street Fair, tastings, classes, and more.


It is a food camp that satisfies your mind as much as your taste buds. Don’t get us wrong, you will leave having tasted a lot of bacon, but we are there to share the story behind it. This unique bacon opportunity only comes once a year, so don’t miss it!

As I said, the event did not happen in 2021 due to the coronavirus. Keep in mind things may be a little different in 2022. One thing you can be sure of is plenty of bacon. Once the exact itinerary has been released, I will update this post. In the meantime, check out the video below from Camp Bacon 2019. It appears in the past there has been a 'Throw the Bacon on Kevin Bacon' game. I'm down to clown. Or should I say I'm achin' for bacon?

Anyone else craving a BLT now?

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