To me, iced tea is an acquired taste. Hot tea however, is much more enjoyable to me. I'm not much of a coffee drinker and found that tea in Ireland was the best I've had.

But when it comes to iced tea, most of my life was avoiding it! I've never liked i and there was noting you could do to make me reconsider. That was until I went to Alabama for some contract work. I was to be the voice of a large sporting good's retailer at the Bassmaster Classic Expo.

While at the media dinner, I was left with little choice for drinks. Coffee (yuck), water (bor-ing) soda (pop) I had quit drinking and iced tea. YUCK!!!!And then there was the last resort of iced tea or iced sweet tea. I hated tea so thought I would try it sweet. I tried the sweet and was suddenly hooked! I could not get enough of the magic elixir!

Now, without hesitation, I will grab a sweet tea on a hot summers day and down it! So now, you have my answer. What's yours? Sweet or Unsweetened!

Sweet T

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