The pandemic has not been easy on our states teachers.  Going from in person classes to teaching virtually is something teachers as well as parents never thought they would have to do. But they did, and it has not been easy on anyone.

Requirements are waived to get more teachers back on the job. WILX news has more, just click here.

Many of my friends are teachers, and I am always in awe of how hard they work.  While teaching in the classroom, teachers are able to really get to know their students and learn which kids need a bit more help through out the day.  That has not been easy to do while teaching class online.

Many students in K-12 and college have thrived with online learning, other students have not been so lucky.  I know of a few college students that have decided on taking a gap year and will wait until they can go back to in person learning.

The pandemic and its set of challenges is also the reason many teachers have decided on retirement, in fact teacher retirements in Michigan is up 44% since August.   This is causing a shortage of qualified teachers in Michigan.  Some have said that we will be seeing a record number of retirements adding that  this pandemic has been a total game changer.

To help with the new problem, the state is easing up on some restrictions to try and coax some retired teachers to come back to work.

   Paula Herbart, President of the Michigan Education Association, said " this isn't the long term solution schools need, but it helps get teachers in the classroom quickly.  We already have a shortage of educators in Michigan, and with additional retirements we believe that we maybe in a critical state for needing educators in the classroom."

It doesn't help our teacher shortage when many college kids are by passing education as a college major.



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