Last night was a blur. When the reports of an active shooter on the campus of MSU started showing up around 8:30, my reaction was "ok, let's get the details".

Last week my family and I went through the gun "hoax" in Okemos. Hoax or not, it was a scary situation. Last night's events were not a hoax and today we mourn the loss of 3 MSU students and pray for 5 others still recovering from the attack at the hospital.

Police Car Lights
Carolina K. Smith,M.D.

Being on the air today was different. My job is to report facts as we know them. I do not speculate, I report facts. The facts are simple, 3 innocent people were shot and killed while an attempt was made on five addtional lives. Other facts include the immense, prompt and professional response of first responders.

When the threat was made last week to Okemos, the local first responders responded in full force and were "staged" to enter the school within five minutes of the initial call. That's damn impressive. Last night's response for a school that has 50,000 students was the same.

Police units responds to the scene of an emergency.

The men and women that serve our communities are heroes. Every man and woman that responded to the campus of MSU knew there was a chance they might not make it home. Our first responders wear kevlar to work. Heroes run towards danger knowing that they may give their life. Heroes. Selfless acts of courage to keep us safe.

WIthout the help of callers on 911 and dispatchers, this scenario could've been far worse. Students were being vigilant and doing their part during this horrific circumstance. Dispatchers communicating to on site authorities was amazing. I listened to dispatch communicating with the police on the scanner and to say I was impressed is an understatement. Dispatch was calm and collect and the officer's responses were the same. They knew they had a job to do. They knew what the job entailed and thankfully they did so, the communication saved lives.

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Thank you to our frontlines and dispatchers. Without you, this tragedy could've been much worse. It's a sad day for MSU and their community, we will mourn the losses of the innocent students together.

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