This was the spectacle that greeted me yesterday when I pulled into the parking lot at Creative Wellness for an appointment with chiropractor Dr. Mark Poletti (who is SO GOOD at what he does - I LOVE him!).

Walking into the lobby, I saw a frustrated looking woman talking with a couple of gentlemen, thanking them for helping her try to get the car off the little 'stone island'. The one guy said, "If that stump wasn't there, we could have gotten 'er outta there."

I then overheard her say, "Oh, I know better than to reach down for my phone...".

She then asked if anyone could suggest a towing company to call. The other guy said, "Well, the police should have plenty to recommend when they get here."

The woman replied, "I ain't calling the cops - they don't need to know I did this."

I jumped in and suggested that she call Northside Towing, thinking our pal Tim the Toolman could help her out.


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