I begged my wife not to go out shopping Friday night. BEGGED her. She has asthma and the coronavirus wouldn't be good for me either... I have internal shingles and a pretty weak immunity from my accident almost 20 years ago. 

So, Saturday morning at 4 AM I woke up and went to Meijer. I put on plastic gloves and my medical mask. Don't hate me, I had them for cleaning my wood burner LONG before this pandemic. Everywhere I looked at Meijer, there were empty shelves. The meat was gone. Rice was gone. I got the last of so many things...I felt bad.

EVERYWHERE I looked a Meijer worker was stocking back up. Even as crazy as I looked, they were nice and helped me out.

I still need a few things but I have a ton of respect for those people for going in and doing their jobs. A lot of lives may have depended on it.

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