Memories of me in the booster seat at the Frandor barber shop came to mind when I saw these old style pocket combs. I may have even had one or two in my youth.

The short spikes uniformly positioned on the oval plastic and the hole for your finger to go in to hold the device in place. Different colors placed neatly on the display card, making them available for the next customer to purchase.

It's little things like that, that make a trip to an honest to goodness barbershop a treat. Combs in jars of Barbicide or under that thing with the mysterious blue light. A hot foam shave with a straight razor and the lime green tonic that really lets you know you're alive when the barber slaps it on your neck before he sends you on your way.

The whole while, a few guys are sitting around a table, playing euchre and telling stories from fifty years ago, or just last week. None of them needing a haircut, just a place to sit and talk.

Just as long as you don't try and adjust my hairline, I'll be a repeat customer for life.

Photo: Duran Martinez with Pat Zopf, Owner of Jerry's Hairport in Lansing

Duran with Pat Zopf, Owner of Jerry's Hairport - Dude Ranch Media



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