Spring goes by pretty fast in Michigan. Luckily, working from home, I was home to see some of the sights I normally don't get to appreciate in my own yard. With life slowed down, I was able to capture some of the moments.

Just being honest, I have killed a few trees. I am not proud. My first one was a Mother's Day tree for my wife. A flowering pink dogwood WE got at Horrock's. I didn't follow directions, didn't protect it and I dug it up last year. It didn't even make 3 Mother's Days.

Then, I got a big red maple to replace my dying maple tree for Arbor Day. I also didn't put protection around it. The deer had their way with it and I dug it up this year.

Last year, I saw a tree on clearance for 6 bucks. I thought, if I am going to kill it, at least I am only going to be out 6 bucks. I followed directions, made a huge hole, added fresh soil, watered it and put a barrier around it to protect it from deer. It turned out to be the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood. Yes, I know it's small but the Crabapple Prairefire tree that I didn't kill yet... Is going to be fun to see grow up with my daughter.


Artsy Sunset pics

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