This is my favorite Christmas song and it's NEVER meant more to me than this year.

Classic Rock is not the place for fuzzy Christmas song memories... Unless you are wearing a slutty Santa dress...

Cheech and Chong have one of the best Christmas "THINGS" ever. We can't call it a song... It's a story about Santa Claus.

A couple songs from Home Alone 2 show up on this list. It seems like forever, music has made movies more memorable for some reason.

After Kevin Mac Allister realizes he is alone in New York he hops in a cab and this song starts playing.

All Alone on Christmas is a basically E. Street Band song written by Little Steven Van Zandt. It features the E Street Band and the Miami Horns with the legendary Darlene Love on vocals... I like it more than "Baby, Please Come Home." Great tune.

I have an old copy of Home Alone 2. Seeing the Trade Towers in all their glory is always nice. When they air this on TV now, they cut out the towers... That pisses me off.

Later in the movie, Tom Petty drops in with his Classic: "Christmas All Over Again." In the studio version he yells out "HEY!" during the solo. They didn't do it in the version below. My daughter loves the song so much, she always yells HEY with him. I raised he right when she is singing Tom Petty already.

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Instead of milk and cookies, what would adults leave out for santa?

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