In British Columbia, BC Ferries put up a sign reminding customers to put a penis on their face.

It's wiener Wednesday :)

Man, could they have made that thing look more like a penis?

I know a lot of people won't wear their mask. You will always see me sporting one. It's not because I think I look cool or because I want to look like I am from China... It's because it's really the only defense I have against COVID and one of the only ways to keep COVID out of my house.

I have a bunch of friends who are anti-mask. I don't get it but I don't want you to judge me, so I won't judge you.

I can tell you there are hidden benefits to wearing a mask.

#1. It makes ugly people like me look more attractive. Seriously, there are some people who just look hotter wearing a mask.

#2. They keep your face warm. Michigan is a giant ice cube right now and the masks may fog up your glasses but they will keep your face warmer.

#3. If you stink, it makes it a little harder to track your scent.

#4. You can mutter things under your breath about people right to their face!

#5. It makes it impossible to tell who farted. You'll get a whiff but never know where it came from.

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