Sometime over the Holiday break I read this and couldn't wait to share it with you. 10 Fascinating Facts about Motley Crue. 

One of the things from the article is, who could go the longest without showering and still hook up with a groupie. To quote the article "The wager ended after an unfortunate incident involving vomit and spaghetti which would prove to inspire the title of the Guns ‘N Roses album The Spaghetti Incident."

Another fact was, when Nikki Sixx couldn't find heroin, he would shoot up whiskey.

It's a miracle they survived and live on to play their final shows this year. They are done in America and will play their final show in the UK June 16th.

They are one of the final great 4 man bands to hang it up. A throwback to the debauchery and rock and roll lifestyle every kid wants to live. At a time when no one could surprise you with their rock and roll antics, Motley Crue took it to a new level. Their music and legacy eventually suffered because of it. Will they be known for the music or their legendary off the stage lifestyles?

I will remember the music and a great show at Soaring Eagle back in 2013 with Tesla. For a few minutes during that show, they took me back to the 1980's. Even Mrs. Pants was overwhelmed by the nostalgia. I will remember them for the music and the pretty ladies. To get more info on Motley Crue and their tour click here.