There were a few dumb things I did as a kid. The eraser burn on the hand. Damn, that was dumb. I think every generation had a dumb thing or 2 they did. It seems to be getting worse. There was the cinnamon challenge. Then Tide Pods and condom snorting. Have you heard of rainbow parties? I'll let you google that one.

It's always nice to remember NOT EVERY kid does these stupid things and the entire generation is wasted by a few stupid apples.

Now, there is the "Fire Challenge."

As best I can tell, kids pour rubbing alcohol on themselves and light themself on fire. A girl and her friends did this in Detroit the other day. She ow has burns on 49% of her body. Her mom said she heard an explosion and saw her daughter running by on fire. I am sure it wasn't traumatic. Click here for the full story. 

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