Mrs. Pants and I have been married 17 and half years. When we first got married, we tried hard to have children, like the rest of our friends. For whatever reason, it never happened.

Mrs. Pants was taking infertility drugs and every month we would get our hopes up and eventually have them crushed. It got a bit old seeing my wife's heartbreak every month, so we stopped. Gave up. If God wants us to have a baby, we will.

We became a bit jaded. Mrs. Pants couldn't attend baby showers without feeling broken. We stopped holding other babies and created distance between our friends with kids.

Looking back, this is the best situation ever to bring a child into. We are far from well off or perfect but we are in the best place we have ever been to have this child. We saw her in 3D for the first time yesterday. So, here is baby Pants in 3-D!

From the Pants Womb