The baby took a nap this weekend. It made for the perfect time to get some housework done. So, I put on some "NEW" music in the background, in search of work inspiration. It didn't take long before I HAD to come in and put on some CLASSIC ROCK!

One of the gems that caught my ear in the WORST WAY possible was this DIAMOND. Now, I am sure he made his mom proud with this one. She did something right because he wants to "Help a Bitch Out."  NOT AT ALL SAFE FOR WORK! Lyrics are dumb and dirty.

(I wanted to post his video but there was way too much ass shakin' goin' on)

Then, I came across a day changer. Mrs. Pants didn't like it as much as me. She is a lyric snob and didn't get it. I just liked the way it hit my ear. From Norway- Enjoy "Out of Order" by Highasakite.

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