So, I was doing this Pants People thing a while back. We were giving away yard signs for Deb and Joey in the Morning. Anyone who came to the studio got one. I had a few left, like 50 I was planning on using during spring... Then, Deb left and the signs became useless. Maybe they are a Lansing collectors item? I have a few if you would like one. Shoot me an email

A few years ago, my boss asked me to get the callers to tell me their name and where they were from. I made them and they played for years. Until a new boss came along and wanted change. Now, the boss wants the people again. The I AM CLASSIC ROCK MOVEMENT IS ON!

Really it's simple. Call me while I am on the air from 6am to 9:30 am. You say whatever you want but I am looking for something like "Hi, I am Joe from Webberville and I AM CLASSIC ROCK!"

I will record you, produce them and you could hear yourself in between the classic rock songs.

Thanks for rocking for over 33 years.

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