Sunday morning, I woke up. The baby and wife were still sleeping so, I snuck outside to have some coffee and watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful morning with a purple sky. As I sat sipping coffee, the deer began to emerge from the woods.

This one doe, I have been watching her for 3 years now. She has a damaged right front leg and limps on it. My sister is my neighbor and she also is a deer watcher. We always keep an eye out for her.

I posted this to Facebook and a lot of people in my area know her.

Her fight is a metaphor for many women I know that refuse to let their injuries slow them down. She also reminds me of myself and my accident. She has every reason to stay down... But gets up everyday and inspires... Not only me. Our entire neighborhood.

My buddy Dave Wheeler had a take on it:

Dave Wheeler It goes to show we have the will to survive. It is programmed in all living things from plants rising to the sun to the largest mammal. If we just take time to see the big picture we begin to see how small our troubles are. Thank you for sharing Joey Pants


My friend Lisa knows her too.

Lisa Marie DuLac OMG Joey Pants, she spends a lot of time right behind our house!! She will disappear for a day or two, but always comes back to sleep and rest up!! I try to keep apples out for her but I know she feels safe there!!
Thank You for sharing!

The other neighbors noticed too.

Karl Stepen

I see her almost every morning on my way to work in the corn field across from your house. Wondered if there was anything that could be done.

Thanks for sharing! She’s been at our place but I haven’t seen her in a few months so I was worried about her. I’m relieved to see she is still out there. ❤️

My buddy Cal summed it up:

It spans all species... some are fighters and overcome... some just give up...

Just knowing she is out there fighting and surviving really inspires me.

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