'The Last Dance' is taking the basketball world by storm, but the real story starts when Jordan has to face the Pistons.

ESPN's Jordan documentary 'The Last Dance' set all kinds of ratings records for the network when it debuted Sunday night. That's not a surprise considering there are no other sports on TV right now. The Jordan story has been told so many times by now that everyone knows the real story starts with the Detroit Pistons.

The first two episodes covered Jordan's rookie year, and the start of his dynasty. That's all well and good, but his ascent to the greatest of all time would never have happened if it weren't for his struggles against Detroit.

There are so many stories to tell when it comes to this part of Jordan's career. The Pistons were the hurdle Jordan couldn't jump, and it started some of the fiercest rivalries the NBA has ever seen. When Jordan and the Bulls finally got past the Pistons, the league and every member of both teams would be changed forever.

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The rivalry lead to Isiah Thomas being left off of the Dream Team, and ended the Bad Boys run. As a Pistons fan it will be tough to watch this through the Jordan glasses, but I know where I'll be Sunday night. With the rest of the sports fans in  America, watching episodes 3 & 4 of the Last Dance on ESPN. Episode starts at 9pm, followed by episode 4.


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