Deb Hart is a very fashionable lady. Her taste in wardrobe blows my jeans, sweatshirt and sometimes sweatpants ensembles away. She always dresses nice and looks amazing. I know if we are going out together, I need to step my game up.

Deb wore this hat in the other day. I wanted to say to her, "Does Aunt Jemima know you stole her hat?" but what came out was. "I like your hat. Now, if you needed to rob a bank, all you have to do is pull it over your face." She did not laugh at either.

I don't know what the hat is called but we had a chat about it on the air.

Duran took this picture and she said "do you like it?" he had a delayed response :)

The lesson is just what mama told you... Don't say anything if you don't have anything good to say! I have been around women my entire life and know better than to make a smart ass comment about what they are wearing. Deb handled this just like she does everything else, like a pro. I am lucky and THANKFUL to have such an awesome partner.

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