I was hired as the afternoon guy in 2005. That year we had our holiday office party and I wanted to separate myself from the rest of the personalities so I decided to dress up. It all started with "Dumb and Dumber"

Joey Pants WMMQ Christmas costume #1

In 2006, Mrs. Pants found a Buddy the Elf costume that did the trick. Following the party I got pulled over and the officer thought he was being pranked. 

"Buddy the Elf"


In 2007, without a Christmas costume every one would know, Mrs. Pants and I improvised (she mostly) and came up with "Christmas Fever."

"Christmas Fever"

In 2008, we came up with my favorite and I even wore it to church that year for Christmas service... From Christmas Vacation "Cousin Eddie.

2008 Cousin Eddie

Then 2009 financial crisis hit and hit hard. For 4 years we didn't have the Holiday parties with families. We had luncheons and awards were handed out but they lacked the soul of our old parties. Until 2012, when we got the ol' gang back together and had our office party. The station actually asked me to dress up and paid for the rental of the "Elf." It had been 4 years since I dressed up and 6 years since I last went as "Elf."

Carmen Hall with the "Elf"

Not sure if they could have captured a dumber look on my face and that was nice of the photographer to tell me I had s*#t on my face but hey, that's what Christmas is all about. Having good intentions, then looking like an ass. I can't wait for you to see what I have in store for this year. JP