I have to admit, I found this funnier than I should have. This is a really bad word and it's not safe for work. OK? Now, get ready to laugh.

U of M recently sent a thank you letter to a player for attending their BBQ event. Problem: The player didn't attend the event. Bigger problem: They spelled his name incorrectly on the thank you note, he didn't earn. You can click here to read about that.

Former Michigan player CLINT COPENHAVER tweeted a few days ago his letter from the University of Wisconsin. It was the worst misspelling EVER, so bad I won't even post it here. You have to click here to see it. It rhymes with BUNT and well, you got it.

Let's just say connect the L and I above. I typed it like that so you may get the idea. I wasn't yelling it. First thing I thought after the tweet. Cool- He's from Brighton!

Big picture: What you should take away from this story... A Badger with no PANTS on CAN'T be trusted.