Boy, the NFL is full of hypocrisy. There is no one more full of himself in the NFL than Roger Goodell. A man who has never met a reflection of himself he didn't love.

He's in charge and he likes everyone to know that. He doesn't like to admit defeat, see the deflategate controversy that will hang over the NFL for at least another year. He likes to edit history. In "Draft Day" he was actually cheered for, when he announced the start of the draft. In reality, each year he is booed.

Now, October the NFL likes to sell pink gear and act like they care about cancer. In reality, they give about 8% of the pink sales to cancer and the rest covers overhead costs and Goodell's ridiculous salary. The NFL actually fined a player, Cameron Heyward from Pittsburg for honoring his father Craig "Ironhead" Heyward with the words "Iron Head" written on his eye black. It will cost him 6 grand. His father was an NFL legend who died of brain cancer. Click here to see the full story.

Then, there is the awesome story of DeAngelo Williams, also from the Steelers. DeAngelo pays for 53 women a year to help them get mammograms. Click here to see the full story. HIs mother died at 53 of breast cancer. He wanted to wear pink all season to honor her but the NFL said, "No!"

Williams has also lost 4 aunts to cancer. He has found a way around it.

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