Timing really is everything. I was just about to unleash holy hell on the NHL for keeping a player out of the All-Star Game and then I find out, he's actually going to play. First off, REALLY? Who gives a PUCK about the NHL All-Star game's integrity? Last year, the score was 17-12. The MOST goals ever scored by one team. I didn't watch. Did you? All-Star games are jokes and really aren't worth watching. Hardly ever do you see any defensive effort. Second, the NHL was about to face some serious backlash for it's handling of the John Scott situation.

I read about it this weekend. Click here to see the story. Scott has 5 career NHL goals. He was voted in by the fans as the Pacific Division team Captain. He isn't REALLY an All-Star and was voted in as a joke, as these internet things often turn in to. The NHL didn't find it funny. They asked him to back out. He didn't The Arizona Coyotes asked him to back out. He didn't. So, they traded him out of the division to Montreal, who promptly demoted him to the AHL where he is no longer eligible to play. Sounds really bad right? Moving a guy and his family because of a black eye on your precious All-Star game?

About an hour ago, the news broke, the NHL was going to allow John Scott to play. A guy like John Scott deserves to play in this game every year. A career grinder who doesn't get a lot of attention, that is Hockey. If nothing else to bring the scoring down! Click here to get the full story and info on the new All-Star game format. 3 on 3?

Now, Scott was traded to his 7th team in 8 NHL seasons.

Fan voting also ALMOST got Rory Fitzpatrick into the 2007 All-Star game behind Nicklas Lidstrom. It is believed the NHL fixed the voting numbers to keep Fitzpatrick out of that game and he only played 19 more career games after. But this ad was hilarious.

See John Scott rock the 61st NHL All-Star game January 31st in Nashville.