Obviously, I'll tune in to see what a train wreck the parades will be...

Before we had our child, my wife and I were watchers. We have a pile of Halloween shows and movies we would watch. When it came time for Thanksgiving, we had a very small selection to choose from. "South Park" Thanksgiving (Gobbles, TIMMY!). "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" Robot Turkey Episodes and a few of the classic "Friends" Thanksgiving specials.

The crown jewel of our Thanksgiving watching was and remains Planes, Trains and Automobiles. You would think it would get old after all these years but each year, we look forward to the subtle side characters, like Owen. The robber who looks like David Spade. Kevin Bacon having a non-speaking role. The cab driver Dooby and just getting to see the GREAT John Candy again. Steve Martin is hilarious too. They guy who wrote the movie, John Hughes is originally from Lansing and he wrote the script in one weekend.

It's funny through the years, each year I relate to a different character and identify with their complaints.

If you have never see the movie, it does move kind of slow but picks up. It's about a guy trying to make it home for Thanksgiving. He meets a guy along the way he can't get rid of. So much bad happens to him, he loses his s#!^ along the way but finds himself at the end to save the day. I can't explain why but every year for different reasons, it brings me to tears.

It will be a welcome dose of normal and a shot of nostalgia before we spend our Thanksgiving alone here at home with our little family.

So Thankful for our many blessings and the fact that we are still together. Many families will be without someone they love this year. Absorb the fleeting moments and good times.

Better times are ahead but this is one tradition COVID won't be taking from us this year.

Also, Alice's Restaurant Massacree will be played on WMMQ around noon and 6 pm.

Happy Thanksgiving! Stay Safe, turkeys.

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