So, the other night I am trying to change the batteries in my baby's whale. For every bath she has ever taken, Whaley has told us the temperature of the baby's water. Well, Whaley died this weekend. The wife put me in charge of the battery changing operation.

I got the tiny screws removed and located the batteries.


I have NEVER SEEN THIS BATTERY BRAND before. Lusty Batteries. So, I googled them and this popped up.

Image result for lusty batteries

The only thing better than Lusty batteries is SUPER Lusty Batteries. Do you find these at the Love boutique? Have you ever googled Steely Dan meaning? It is quite lusty. Click here to see the definition from Urban Dictionary. It's worth it.

"(1) proper name of a steam powered dildo from the novel "Naked Lunch" by William S. Burroughs."


Removing Lusty batteries in my kids whale... It made me feel better throwing some Energizers in there.

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