My wife is a strong woman. She has to have some thick skin to put up with me but she is tough. So, when I saw her so broken this weekend, I thought for sure the virus had found us.

We have been so careful. My daughter has been here for a month a three weeks on Friday. My wife has been here for a month. I am the only one who goes to get grocery pickup. I don't go into the store. I wear gloves, a mask, sometimes a head sock over the mask. I have a pocket full of bleach wipes. I am saying I am very careful and have been since this started.

So, to think I brought this to her was very upsetting for me. So much so, my anxiety kind of pushed me to a panic attack. My stomach was in knots, screaming at me and my legs began to spasm as I laid down to bed. I was so worried about her, I made myself sick. I was sure I had it too. Little did we know, we had the result the entire night, I just didn't look in the right spot.

She drove off Tuesday, first time she has left in a month to get tested at St. Lawrence Hospital, where her doctor sent her. She said she had a great exchange with the guy working there. She said to "stay safe" and the guy said "You're the first person who has said that to me."

It was an unpleasant experience with the swab but she said she has had worse things happen to her. She did marry me.

She got back home and was very out of it. Her head hurt so bad, she asked me to check her online file. I did and I didn't see it.

Today, we were freaking out still when I decided to look again and found the result. It was negative. I don't know when I cried harder about something I was happy about in my life.

To all the people fighting this, this is not a touchdown dance. We are still wondering what is up but grateful she has some time to get her body prepared for a fight. I see so many of my friends fighting this on social media and I am rooting and praying for you all. It's a nightmare we are all living.

I had one friend say she was mad she got it because she did everything the Governor said wore a gloves and mask... Wearing a mask WILL NOT protect you from COVID-19. It can get through most masks but not respirators and shields.

Stay safe everybody and THANK GOD!

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From Swab To Lab: A COVID-19 Test's Trip To Results

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