What an ordeal 2020 has been. Our tree story just added to the fun of this year.

It was my year to pick so, of course I wanted a real one. A family friend ended up giving us one of his artificial trees he wasn't going to use. So, the wife and I are working as a team and bringing the tree in the house together when... It broke on my end. folded in the middle. It was snapped and couldn't be fixed. We set the tree outside and plugged it in as a decoration. You can see it below in the pictures.

I kept joking about taking a family trip to a magical parking lot to select our tree but we decided to give the Peacock Road Tree Farm a shot. We went there about 10 years ago and made some amazing family memories and decided to give it another shot.

When we arrived, we were the only car in the lot. It was a beautiful day and we had the place to ourselves. Even though we were outside, we still masked up and tried to get our daughter to wear hers too.


Tree Fun

We found the perfect tree, made some animal friends and didn't let 2020 ruin our family Christmas tree.

We love our tree. We went with purple this year. There is something so peaceful about walking by it every morning to do a show. It sucks the tree has to die but it'll get a lot of love before she goes. The memories will last forever.

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