My family from Texas is in town this week and, while most of them have either been to Jackson plenty of times or grown up here, it's always special when you get to show someone new around.

When anyone comes to your hometown, I feel like you have to show them around your favorite places; however, The Parlour has deep roots for practically everyone who calls or has ever called Jackson home.

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The Parlour's History - Condensed

When I say generations of people have gathered at this particular spot, I mean the history of iconic ice cream at 1401 Daniel Road goes back almost 100 years!

Originally named Loud & Jackson, MLive says a partnership came to fruition in 1933 with a merger between the Jackson Dairy Co. and Loud's Dairy where they then moved into the Daniel Road location in 1935 that had been occupied by Arctic Dairy since 1915.

After this "dairy shuffle" the company used milk from Jackson County farms to make their ice cream that over the years become more and more popular, more mergers followed and in 1962, according to MLive, the business became known as Jackson All-Star Dairy.

From there, the legendary "Dare to be Great" was born, the "dairy bar" expanded seating and the business finally became known as the current name, The Parlour.

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What It Looks Like Today

The Parlour In Jackson - 2021

The Parlour has had a long history in Jackson and still to this day holds a special place in the hearts of people around the country.

The Parlour's Legacy Lives On

Growing up, it was always a special treat to get ice cream at The Parlour. Even when I found out I was lactose intolerant, it was worth it.

From my aunt's stories of working there as a teen to family birthday parties to nostalgic afternoons with cousins who live out of state to them bringing back their fiancées because they just have to try it, The Parlour holds a special place in my heart.

The best part, too, is knowing that I am not the only person who lives in, around or even far away from Jackson that has memories just like mine, if not more.

If you ever have someone visiting who has never been, you cannot go wrong giving them the experience!

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