If you applied for a 2018 Michigan bear or elk permit, the results are in!

Every year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources gives Michigan hunters opportunities to hunt Michigan black bear and elk with a lottery type drawing. Bear hunters have an opportunity to also just purchase preference points for a future drawing. Although preference points still do not guarantee that you will get the hunt you want, the first time, it does offer a better chance.

Certain areas of Michigan are harder to draw for bear than others. For instance, parts of the western Upper Peninsula are much easier to draw than what's considered the "Red Oak Unit" of the State.

Michigan also has what is called a "weighted system" for the elk tag drawing. Giving those who have applied  over the years an advantage, still giving new applicants a chance.

Those drawing an "antlerless only" or "cow" tag, will have to wait for 10 years before they can apply again. Those who draw an "any elk" tag, will have the opportunity to harvest either a bull or cow elk. If the hunter is successful in harvesting a bull, they will be ineligible to apply for a Michigan elk tag for the rest of their life. Unless of course they win the Pure Michigan Hunt.

For full details, click on the link provided here and "GOOD LUCK!"

Da Bear

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