Dead Head's know all about the Grateful Dead dancing bears. Those who do not love their music and hippy traditions... Not so much. I saw this shirt today in the halls of the studio and it stopped me in my tracks. Meet "Sheldon" a.k.a. Alex Clarke wearing this 'Dead Purple Bear shirt. He told me "I got it from a girl and don't know if it's a guys shirt."

From The Joey Pants Collection

Here is the back of the shirt.

From The Joey Pants Stash

I admire Alex for his AWESOME t-shirt collection and balls to wear something like that to work around me. Do you think this is a shirt for a dude? What is the craziest shirt you have seen a dude wear?

One of our bowling league teams has an awesome team shirt. This is Jim from "She Wants The D!" We are all going to a Detroit Tigers game at the end of the season. Speaking of the Tigers... 10 Days until Opening Day.

From The Joey Pants Stash

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