While we love to keep things positive, there is still something so fun about reading and ripping apart the people who bring unnecessary negativity to things that are supposed to be simply enjoyed by the masses.

We recently looked (and laughed) at some ridiculously funny, negative reviews about the Michigan Renaissance Festival and now, we need to take a deep dive into another landmark location for many Michiganders.

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We're Talking Spartan Stadium, Baby

Ah yes, as the Wolverines descend upon East Lansing to face off in what is probably the most highly-anticipated matchups of the entire college football season, it's safe to say Spartan Stadium will be PACKED.

While, in comparison to "The Big House" at UofM, Spartan Stadium may be a little smaller, it may not have the cushiest seats, but there is spirit, soul and most importantly, fans who still love to come to show up and show out for the Green and White.

However, some people just can't seem to enjoy a nice thing when they have it. That is exactly why instead of just simply pointing and laughing at the supporters of your rival team this weekend, let's point and laugh at the people who just don't "get it" when it comes to the Spartan Stadium experience.

What Could Possibly be Wrong?

Funny Negative Reviews of Spartan Stadium

Some people have legit complaints behind their negative reviews...these are not that. Here are some of the silliest reasons people have left behind negative ratings for the crowned jewel of East Lansing.

From One Wolverine Fan, to Spartan Fans

Yes, I wrote this whole article in the least-biased way I possibly could because as a lifelong Wolverine fan who works in Lansing, I have to have at least some sort of soft spot for MSU, right?

I think we can all agree, these reviews of the stadium as a whole are a bit obnoxious. However, you can also agree with certain parts of them and still make the most of it when you visit Spartan Stadium.

Also, who honestly has the time to sit and write out entire reviews about a college football stadium on a college campus that, for many who write these, did not attend or have not stepped foot on unless it is to enjoy an MSU football game?

Of course here I am sitting here basically writing reviews for their reviews...but I digress.


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