We hear it all the time, "take care of yourself." But what does that really mean?

Sure, make sure you bathe and practice good hygiene, make sure you eat right and take care of yourself physically, but mental self care is a totally different ball game.

When your mental health isn't up to par, the rest of you might as well be too.

Safe to say 2020 has been an extremely mentally and emotionally taxing year so far, which is why the other day I really got thinking about the simple little things I do that are just to take a few extra minutes to be kind to myself.

Now I share my best tips with you in the form of this fun little picture gallery:

Simple Self Care Tips

I can honestly say I do all of these but the ones I do most regularly would be taking extra time to sit in my car, singing and dancing like a total goofball and I did just start journaling as suggested by my therapist and just write down three positive things about myself from each day.

Moving, unpacking and organizing everything has also given me an excuse to take lots of time to reflect and I feel really re-charged after, actually!

All in all, taking care of yourself is never a bad thing and if you need to cancel plans or just tell people "I just really need a ME day" I hope this list helps you do that.

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