We have been homeschooling our daughter through the pandemic. She has Down Syndrome and they are 10 times more likely to die from COVID than typical people. That was enough for us to keep her home this year, until we can get her vaccinated.

It has been Penguin week in our house, perfect for the polar temperatures. Today we made Penguin cookies out of Oreo cookies and made a few memorable smiles while we did it.

Penguin Smiles

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Last week, I was getting really depressed that I wasn't getting through and it seemed like the student started tuning out the teacher. When you see the typical 4 year-old and how far she has fallen behind them, it really hurts. It's a glancing blow and you recover quickly but for a day or so, you question if you are the best teacher for your child.

This week was all about using voices and having fun. We read the book "Penguin Problems." It's all about this penguin who complains about everything. It kind of reminded me of well, me. In the story, a walrus explains to the penguin, the penguin has it pretty good and likely wouldn't trade his crappy life for anything else.

We sang the 5 Little Penguins song, did some penguin art, waddled and flapped our flippers like penguins. It was the kind of day you see in a movie and don't believe could ever happen to you.

Can't wait to see what mom has up her sleeve for us to do next week.

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