I think Brady Hoke is getting a raw deal. Through 46 games, he and coach Mark Dantonio had a record of 29-17. MSU was going in a different direction than Michigan during Coach Dantonio's 4th year, though,

Saturday, I was at the game and never noticed the "stake" incident. Click here to see the actual planting. It was about the only thing U of M celebrated on Saturday. The other was their first touchdown in over 3 years scored against MSU. Their Offensive Coordinator Doug Nussmeier is a former Spartan assistant coach and did he ever celebrate when they scored. Too bad there wasn't a stat for moral victories.

What I took away from the game was, we got jobbed by the officials and still rolled to a 35-11 win. Connor Cook wasn't perfect but the MSU defense almost was. The only reason Michigan scored that TD was, we game them the ball at the 33 after a fumble. One drive, MSU had 3 15 yard personal foul calls, (2 very questionable) and still didn't allow a point to Michigan.

My stat of the game was, Michigan was outgained by Jeremy Langford by 9 yards. He had 177 yards rushing and 3 td's plus, a catch for 18 yards. J. Lang 195. Michigan 186.

Maybe more emphasis should have been on stopping Langford than planting a stake? A move deadspin.com called weird and stupid. Coach Dantonio said that is why he wanted that final TD, to drive a "stake" in Michigan.

He may have drove a stake in the heart of Brady Hoke's career as Michigan coach. Mark Dantonio has the best winning percentage of ANY coach in MSU history against Michigan. He is now a Jim Tressel like 6-2 against Michigan.

Through the Michigan disrespect is respect. When half the Michigan team ran off the field without shaking hands, that was more disrespectful to me than a stupid stake.

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