Safe to say the weather lately has definitely been ushering in fall, meaning we are slowly but surely moving away from that awkward period where we wear sweaters and jackets in the morning and are sweating our butts off by the afternoon.

Sweaters are part of the Michigan "uniform" when it comes to Fall and Winter, so who better to know which ones are the best?

To some, a sweater is just a sweater and maybe to others, "ugly" sweaters come to mind. However, sweaters have stepped up their game and now there are so many different styles and types to choose from.

No two sweaters rank the same, though, here is how I rank the different kinds based on my experience with the fall fashion favorite:

These, of course, are just my personal rankings of the different types of sweaters, you may have your own!

That is what is so great about sweaters is there is one for everyone that highlights their personal style best. In the grand scheme of things, sweaters are just a great way to stay warm, cozy and stylish in the cooler months.

There is no shame in the sweater game and sweater lovers never judge other sweater lovers. What are your favorite kinds of sweaters?

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