The U.S. Airforce is not playing any games when it comes to the hilarious raid that over 1 million people have signed up to raid the infamous Area 51. Now I really wanna go!

What started as an internet meme now has the military worried. So much so that they released a statement. Whether you believe in aliens or not this event has spawned a ton of attention and a massive amount of memes!

Even Jimmy Kimmel got involved and said something about it! Now I really want to go! But are we ready? What if, 1 million people show up, storm Area 51, and find some alien technology. Now what? Do you think you can just go home after that? Naw son. The government is hiding stuff there for a reason. And if you ever got close to something you'd probably end up missing. We can't handle driving cars without looking in our phones and crashing. Do you think the human race is ready for some alien technology? I think not, but it would be cool!

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