It REALLY isn't hard to find some crappy roads around Lansing. It REALLY isn't hard to find crappy roads anywhere in Michigan but Lansing especially seems to be on the rough side.

Kalamazoo is one of my least favorites. Miller seems like it's always under construction. The Hagadorn railroad crossing always sucks! I try to avoid that road.

We asked the audience on Facebook what they thought the worst roads were and here are some of the responses.

We LOVED what Shannon Marie had to say:

Everything is under construction. The roads that are completed are smooth as butter. Everyone wanted the roads fixed, the barrels are out and it’s getting done. So pleasant to drive on! Lake Lansing, Haslett Rd, Central Park Drive, all almost completed. Progress takes time.

There were also some unhappy campers.

Marc said:

 496 and Waverly Rd is an abortion. The planners for that area should be fired.

Jenn Marie:

Saginaw in Frandor by yayas. I know it’s finally being worked on, but for a long time it was terrible.

Scott Bell:

Downtown. And how is it that the city collects all that meter money and doesn't spend squat of that meter $$$ on the road in front of that meter ???


Let us know what roads you think are the absolute WORST in the area! Photos are welcome!

Posted by WMMQ on Thursday, July 30, 2020

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