Getting around the mid Michigan area can be a pain in the butt sometimes. There's always a construction project of some sort going on, there are detours etc. The Okemos bridge project has been going on for what seems like 5 years and it's still not done. Then of course we have to deal with traffic lights.

I understand the importance of traffic lights. If we didn't have them people would drive like morons and there would be chaos. Traffic lights, as inconvenient as they are, do save lives.

I asked you for feedback about the most annoying traffic lights in the Lansing area and you were not shy about it. Thank you. I love reading the responses like "Frandor area is a mess." and "Michigan". I'm not sure if "Michigan" meant the whole state or Michigan Ave. in Lansing. The lights along Michigan Ave. in Lansing I have pretty good luck with. I don't work for the "traffic light people" but if you hit one and maintain the speed limit you most likely will get from Frandor to downtown Lansing with ease.

There's one light that irritates me. The light at Kinawa and Okemos Rd. in Okemos never turns into a flashing yellow on Okemos and flashing red on Kinawa in the crazy hours of the morning, 5am. There's no reason to have to sit for 5 minutes to turn left onto Okemos Rd when there is absolutely ZERO traffic.

Let's see what traffic lights annoy you.

Most Annoying Traffic Lights in the Lansing Area

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