I have not shopped at the Okemos Meijer since late March. Even though I heard about the 700 plus new cases... All the MSU athletes testing positive... I still felt safe shopping. I NEVER expected to see every single person wearing a mask. Well, one had a shield on but I think she'll be ok. I actually have a respirator now but I didn't wear it shopping.

I have been to other places to shop and as soon as people walk in... They take off their mask. Some can barely be considered masks. Hankies. Gaiters. Some people aren't even trying. They go out seeking confrontation.

It must have been a while since I have been out because every single lady looked attractive. I didn't see one uggo among them... That means I was the uggo!

I was happy to see everyone wearing a mask. It made me feel safer even though I KNOW it's all an illusion.

Speaking of masks, they were busting out the Halloween decorations and stuff at Meijer. (I took a few pictures but they ended up blurry. So, I used my clearance buy from last year)


EVERYONE used to complain about the Halloween masks. They are always a good idea until you cut your tongue on one. Your face will be red for 3 days after from the excessive heat. Wearing a medical mask is NOTHING after wearing a stinky Halloween mask around all night. I still can't smell the plastic without getting sick to my stomach.

Halloween candy won't be far behind. We never get a trick-or-treater and REALLY won't this year but we'll have plenty of candy and masks.

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