I LOVE a double standard. When Don Mattingly was playing first base for the Yankees, beards were not allowed. So, he grew a mustache in protest. His facial hair was once famously portrayed on "The Simpsons"

He managed in L.A. for a few years and shaved off the iconic 'stash. Now Don is manager of the Miami Marlins. The coach has instituted a "NO FACIAL HAIR POLICY." Nothing like a "do as I say not as I did" coaching philosophy. I wonder how this will work out? Click here to read more.

The Marlins had this policy under former Manager Ozzie Guillen but he turned the other sideburn. Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez was afraid he would look 16.

"Guys will whine. Some guys like it, some guys won't. As long as we're consistent, I think it's not that big of a deal," The Hippy Mattingly said Sunday.