The last day I was on the air before the holiday break, Wednesday December 23rd, I opened up the microphone to say, "Good Morning, Welcome to the Day, My Friends", but nothing went on the air. I checked and re-checked all the settings on the board.Ran down the hall to have one of my co-workers come take a look to make sure I didn't have a wrong button pushed - or not pushed.

Called Jason the Station Engineer to wake him up around 6AM and try to figure out the problem. Sent him several pictures of the control board to see if I has something set up wonky. Finally tried using a different of the three microphones in the studio than I typically used and that worked.

Jason the Engineer stopped by the studio later that day and determined that I broke the microphone cord by twisting the boom around too far. Because I break everything. Flashed me back to breaking my parents ginormous stereo when I was a kid, as well as a million other things over the years, which gave me the childhood nickname of 'Grace'.

Most recently I have been smashing My Honey's very expensive wine glasses. I've stopped using them. Mostly.

Note to self: cut it out. Really.